Understanding Hair Loss During Summer Season

Understanding Hair Loss During Summer Season

The hot, sweltry season is here and one of our major concerns is back too, greasy, and dry hair that causes breakage, damage and more. Are you the one to search for the ‘best hair specialist doctor near me’ just when the temperatures are about to rise? We get you! However, the connection between summers and hair loss must be understood in order to avoid the devastating hair fall that millions experience due to the scorching heat and humidity.

Explaining the relation between hair loss and the summer season:

The summer season brings with it heat and humidity that may cause patches on the scalp, and cause the dirt to sit on your scalp due to the greasiness which further hampers the growth and leads to breakage. Hot and dry weather can cause inflammation which further translates to heavy shedding.

Excessive exposure to sunlight causes the production of saltwater that causes the hair follicles to become damaged and eventually break.

Hair fall can be aggravated in the summer months due to inadequate hydration, excessive exposure to the sun, swimming in open water and excessive use of chemicals and products.

The basic focus during summer should be on your scalp. Your scalp is where the hair grows, hence, you must make sure to keep it healthy and not clogged.

Often your hair fall may be more than seasonal and may be a cause of genetics, hormonal imbalance, etc which may become worse due to the weather. Therefore, it is imperative to search for the finest ‘dermatologist near me’ on Google and connect with a dermatologist that can understand your condition and its cause.

Summer And Hormones

Summer hair loss is a thing and we cannot deny that. Did you know that direct sunlight alters the production of hormones in the scalp? It may cause the shedding phase of the hair to last longer than usual. Therefore, you must make sure to visit a dermatologist that recognizes the problem and gives you the solution your hair needs.

How To Care For Your Hair This Summer?
  • Give your hair what it loves the mood, good food- proteins. Have a nutritious and balanced diet that gives your hair the strength and nourishment it needs from the inside. Moreover, hydration is another thing that you must not neglect. Drink lots of water and keep your luscious locks hydrated. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of hair loss, thinning of hair, and dry and unhealthy scalp.
  • Make use of a soft brush rather than opting for regular combs that are harsh on your hair and scalp. Make sure to keep the motion of your brush in one direction.
  • Avoid making tight hairstyles that can make your hair prone to breakage and may increase hair loss.
  • Avoid shampoos with harmful ingredients. Opt for sulphate-free shampoos and do not forget to use a conditioner at the end.

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