The Common Misconceptions People Believe About Dermatologists

The Common Misconceptions People Believe About Dermatologists

When you see pimples popping on your face like popcorn, what do you do? Either visit a family doctor or immediately run to search for the best ‘skin specialist near me.’ This skin specialist is known as a dermatologist.

However, a dermatologist does not only treat one specific condition but specializes in treating multiple skin conditions. Whether you might have visited a dermatologist or not, there is still often confusion about what to expect from them considering the plethora of things that people have to say about them.

Today, we will debunk the top 4 misconceptions about dermatologists and shower you with the right knowledge:

1. Dermatologists can offer instant results

This is possible only if your dermatologist is a magician. In very few cases such as removing a mole or skin tag, you can expect immediate results. However, treating other conditions such as hair loss, eczema, rashes, and others may take weeks or even months. Here, patience is key for optimizing your skin health. So go slow, be steady and witness the magic of dermatology.

2. Dermatologist study every part of your skin

A complete examination of the skin is done by the doctors often in cases such as skin cancer that requires every inch of the skin to be studied. But, for certain conditions like rashes, dermatologists often study only the affected area. In some cases, the doctors may have to study other areas for a better diagnosis. For example, f you visit to treat face acne, the doctor might also check your back or chest to understand the nature of the acne and more.

3. Dermatologists only treat acne

Dermatologists can certainly treat acne but there is a lot more that they can treat in addition to acne. They are competent to treat conditions be it on your scalp, nails, feet, hair and even groin area, the eyes, mouth, etc. They master in treating conditions related to the skin that covers every part of your body.

4. Dermatologists can be visited only by adults

While you may have majorly seen teenagers and adults search for a ‘skin dermatologist near me’ and visit him/her, but, even children can visit a dermatologist too. The doctors have the knowledge and the experience to treat each member of the family, be it the parent or the child. Age does not matter, what matters is treating the skin condition and for that, a dermatologist is the answer!

Do not let the voice of others become your opinion especially when it comes to your skin and health. Search for the best ‘dermatologist near me,’ do your research, consult the doctor, and understand and treat the condition like it should be treated.

Be mindful of the online platforms that have a plethora of information to treat several conditions. They are not the experts. While some tips and tricks may work, others may damage your skin which will eventually lead you to a dermatologist. So, skip the nuisance and book a visit today.