Success Story: Laser Treatment for Face By Dr Vedant Ghuse

Success Story Laser Treatment for Face By Dr Vedant Ghuse

Laser treatment for face and to treat other conditions is widely in demand by people, especially, among females. However, you can also sense some hesitation and apprehension as one walks into the clinic. This is a story about one such woman, we will call her Preeti for confidential purposes.

Preeti had several acne marks covering her cheeks and also suffered from hyperpigmentation. She was adamant about getting it treated and cleared, however, was sceptical about laser treatment which we suggested was the best-suited treatment for her condition.

During her first visit, we studied her history, the problems she was facing, and the acne marks and hyperpigmentation in detail. Post that we gave her two options for treating the condition. One was the application of medicine and the other was laser treatment. The former had a lower success rate as compared to the laser treatment. However, she was a little hesitant as there were many things she had earlier heard about laser treatments and how they could go wrong.

She thanked us and said that she would require some time to decide which treatment she wanted to opt for. After a few days, she searched for ‘skin care doctors near me’, did her research and gave us a call. She had multiple questions related to laser treatment. We asked her to come over to the clinic and gave her detailed information about the laser treatment.

We made her understand that the laser would break up the scar tissue by focusing on the top layer of the skin. Furthermore, the treatment promotes the development of new cell tissues which may help to replace the scar tissues.

At Dr Vedant Ghuse’s clinic, we wish to be completely honest with our patients and hence told her that the results vary from one person to the other. We made her aware that treatment may not vanish the scars completely but may reduce their prominence and also help in reducing the pain caused by them.

For her hyperpigmentation, we suggested a topical treatment that could help her deal with it effectively. She agreed to the treatment and before making her sit on the chair, we acquainted her with the machines that will be used and explained to her the entire process. We also made her aware of the possible side effects such as redness, swelling and pain and informed her that multiple sessions will be required to get the results we need.

We moved ahead with the treatment, got multiple sessions done and after very few sessions, we saw visible results. At our clinic, when we say we study the patient, we do not only study the condition but also the way a person feels about the condition. During the treatment, we worked on treating the condition and the insecurities that Preeti had because of the acne scars. The treatment was successfully done, and she got the results she needed and the confidence which was lost.

Preeti came in looking for the best dermatologist in Chembur and through our treatments and services, we made sure she found one.