5 Tips to Prepare Your Skin For the Shadi Season

5 Tips to Prepare Your Skin For the Shadi Season

As the season of love and celebration arrives, so does the panic to look the best for every function. Despite the reminders, we all wait till the very last moment to begin our endeavour to achieve the glow and shine. To ease the task, Dr Vedant Ghuse - a renowned skin doctor in Chembur brings you a comprehensive skincare routine for the shadi season that’ll help you glow from the inside and out.

5 Tips To Give Your Skin The Perfect Shadi Glow

1. Cleanse Your Way Through

Cleansing helps create a clear base that allows other products to absorb and perform better. Furthermore, a cleanser helps eliminate dirt and unclog pores, giving you a clean surface for your artistic makeup skills to shine. Non-comedogenic cleansers are an ideal choice for all skin types as they help clear the impurities without affecting the natural oils of the skin.

2. Exfoliate and Shine

Exfoliating your skin with a mild scrub is the perfect way to bid farewell to dead skin and welcome rejuvenated skin that will make heads turn at every function you attend. A scrub that gently works its magic is perfect to give your skin the deep cleansing it needs. Do not invest in harsh cleansers, as the only thing they do is damage the skin barrier.

Consult a professional like Dr Vedant Ghuse- a celebrated dermatologist in Tilak Nagar to know which product will work best for your skin and avoid any confusion.

3. Hydration is the Key to Nourishment

The more you deprive your skin of hydration, the more closer you get to dryness and dullness. A moisturiser infused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid is your skin’s saviour as it helps retain moisture and gives your skin a soft and supple appearance.

While a moisturiser works on the outside, you need to hydrate your skin from the inside too and the best way to do so is by drinking plenty of water. Ensure to drink plenty of water in every season as it is the best way to naturally hydrate your skin from the inside.

4. Invest in Quality Treatments

A laser treatment for face or chemical exfoliation done by a professional that gives an instant glow to your face is just what you need for the wedding season. However, it’s imperative to consult a trusted expert who has the experience and skills to conduct such procedures seamlessly.

5. Eat Right

No topical treatments hold the power to do what the right diet can for your skin. A balanced diet combined with the above tips can do wonders for your skin and make you shine like the bomb you are.

This season of celebration, look for solutions at the right place- Dr Vedant Ghuse’s skin clinic in Chembur. The one-stop clinic for all your skincare concerns and needs. Get the best treatments and tailored solutions that’ll help you stand apart during the festive and wedding season. Book an appointment today for your skin to glow tomorrow.